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“Calling Leah was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a cat mom! I have a 5 year old, socially anxious, and timid cat who hates plane rides, new places, and new people. I’ve tried boarding him at some very nice kitty condos, taking him with on the plane, but neither he nor I have been truly comfortable with these options. He usually doesn’t eat for 2 or 3 days when he is boarded or is in a new place. Leah had him eating within one day, and playing with her on day 2! She kept in close contact with me and gave me frequent status updates while I was away on an eight-day vacation. I was able to finally enjoy time away without worrying about him! I came home to a well-cared for, happy and content cat 🙂 I can’t thank her enough, and I will certainly be calling her again!” -Rachael M. from Google & Yelp

“What a great service at a resonable price! As a new customer Leah responded to my initial e-mail promptly, and was happy to meet me at my house with Heather, who would be watching my two cats. Heather was great about providing updates when I was gone. When my security cam showed the cats had turned on and knocked over a lamp, Heather was happy to take care of it. Less expensive than boarding, and the peace of mind of knowing your house is being looked after. Great service I will definitely use again.” -Eric S. from Google

“We get daily updates on what’s going on with our cats when they’re away, and everyone’s healthy and happy when we get home!” -Shannon B. from Google

“Wow! I own a husky who absolutely hates getting his nails trimmed. Both Leah and Beckie have trimmed his nails and I am always surprised how he sits for them while getting his nails clipped. I also have two skidding cats who seldom want to be touched. Leah has the touch. The cats came right to her, she picks them up, individually, wraps them in a towel and clips their nails. The cats even were purring. I am so impressed. Highly recommend Wave your Paw” -Sarah P. from Google

“Leah and Kayla are great. Reliable and our dog loves them.” -Kevin H. from Thumbtack

“Leah and Miranda have been great with my dogs, and their scheduling is really flexible and easy.” -David H. from Thumbtack

“Wave Your Paw has been wonderful for our dogs! They are very accommodating to our scheduling needs and walking instructions.” -Scott F. from Thumbtack

“Very happy with them. Feel confident leaving my dog in their care” -Barbara J. from Thumbtack

“Leah and her team are terrific. They’re taking great care of our dogs. Great to work with, friendly and I can really tell they care about what they do.” -Teresa D. from Thumbtack

“i’m so pleased with wave your paw! they’re very responsive, send me great updates every day about my dog, and i’m so happy i found them.” -Caroline S. from Thumbtack

“They are happy to be on call for me and they have made it very easy for me to let them know I need my dog walked.” -Jessica D. from Thumbtack

“Leah was excellent with our little bugg. She is very comfortable with all animals, and it’s abundantly clear she loves them very much. We would be quite happy to have her dog-walk for us again in the future.” -Vanessa L. from Thumbtack

“Our cats were in a great mood after we returned from a 10-day vacation. Leah is wonderful!!!” -Dan S. from Thumbtack

“Very happy with service and price” -Ellen S. from Thumbtack

“Leah is super responsive – we always hear back from her within a few hours. Her pricing is fair and they have a variety of scheduling options to suit whatever needs you have. Before our first scheduled visit, Leah came to our apartment to meet with us, get to know our cats, and get a tour. Since we added a slightly special needs kitty to our household, we’ve loved the added peace of mind that Leah and her team have given us when we’re up at the cabin, away visiting family, or on vacation. The picture updates that they send are possibly the greatest thing ever– even when we’re just away for a few days, it warms my heart to see our girls getting a little love. It’s an added bonus that they grab our mail and always sweep up the cat litter if we’ve been gone for more than a few days. What a great thing to come home to! I would give 6 stars if I could!” -Jordan S. from Facebook

“Leah and her team take terrific care of our cat and dog. The animals love when they visit; what more could you want from pet sitters?!” -Leah W. from Facebook

“Beckie and Leah take wonderful care of my dog while I’m at work.” -Anne B. from Facebook

“Perfect option for us with a dog aggressive dog. Leah was great and my animals couldnt have been happier.” -Annie S. from Facebook

“Excellent service! Attention to detail. Peace of mind knowing I my little pets are in good and caring hands.” -Nicole F. from Facebook

“Highly recommend!! Leah is a great pet sitter and my cats love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” -Ellie A. from Facebook

“Absolutely wonderful with cat-sitting!  Great reliability, flexibility, and service.” -Michelle D. from Facebook

We have been thrilled with Wave Your Paw Pet Care, originally recommended by our vet. Check out the website, or email They come to your home, take care of pets of all kinds, will adapt to your scheduling needs including overnights. Leah is a trained vet tech and does a great job.” -Rita  Y. from NextDoor