Dog Walking

Dog Walking Visits

Dog walking is great for dogs who need a break in their day to exercise or just go potty. We offer dog walking 7 days a week in the mornings, mid days, and evenings and we are flexible with our scheduling! We walk whether rain or shine but in situations of extreme temperatures or storms we will only offer a potty break and indoor playtime.

Beckie walking dogs

Quick walk: (10-20 min) Quick walks are great for dogs who just need to go out to potty. This is also a great option for elderly dogs or puppies who may need to go outside more frequently than other dogs. $15 per walk

Standard walk: (25-40 min) Our most popular dog walking visit! Most dogs love a standard walk which is plenty of time to burn off some energy and get some fresh air. $20 per walk

Long walk: (45-60 min) A great length for those dogs who never get tired! Long walks also work well for dogs with owners that work extra long hours. $25 per walk

No additional charges per dog! Our walks are private for each family so no large groups.  We are also happy to feed a meal or give medications during our dog walking visits.

Our midday walks are started between 11am-2pm and we are also available for morning & evening walks. We require at least a 2 hour window for arrival. Please check our Service Area page to see if you are in our dog walking service area!