Pet Sitting

Drop In Pet Sitting Visits

Our in your home pet sitting services are great for when you are out of town or just can’t be home with your pets. The prices are the same for all species and there are no additional charges for extra pets or giving medications. We are experienced in caring for many different species and we have staff trained and experienced in caring for pets with special medical needs.

Our pet sitting services include:Cat pet sitting

  • Giving food, water, and medication
  • Playtime
  • Snuggles
  • Walking or exercise
  • Litter box scooping
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Alternating lights
  • Anything else your pet enjoys!



We have 3 pet sitting options for you to choose from and you may mix and match them!

Quick Visits: Average 15 minutes and are ideal for shy cats, a quick dog potty break, or small pets who do not want a lot of attention. $15 per visit

Gerbil pet sitting

Standard Visits: Average 30 minutes and are our most popular option. Standard visits are great for dogs, social cats, pets who need medication, or multiple exotic pets. $20 per visit

Long Visits: Average 45 minutes and are great for pets who want a lot of extra attention or a longer walk. We also recommend these visits for households with many pets so we can make sure everyone gets plenty of love! $25 per visit

Need more than a drop in visit? Check out our By the Hour and Overnight options!

We require at least 1 visit per day for cats and exotic pets and at least 2 standard visits per day for dogs (or an equivalent amount of time). 

Our pet sitting visits are completed between 7am-10pm daily, with morning, mid day, evening, bedtime, and anytime options available. Check our Locations page to see our service area too!